Havana Culinary Exchange Event

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Sept 24th true October 1st 2016

The first HAVANA CULINARY EXCHANGE brings together leading chefs, Sommeliers, Mixologists and Wineries from United States and Cuba to celebrate and advance public knowledge of and appreciation for great food and wine event. The Festival provides a diverse range of interactive and educational epicurean experience while showcasing the area’s unique and rich culture, history and traditions interacting with the Cuban society.

Chef Douglas Rodriguez & Alma de Cuba Restaurant

As you may know, I’m a son of Cuban Immigrants, my first visit to Cuba was 2013 I was invited to cook at an Art Festival Biennial. Ten American chefs where paired with Cuban chefs to prepare a dinner, I sincerely can say that this trip changed me. The chefs in Cuba have none of the tools that a chef like us take for granted, limited food resources, limited equipment, no internet access and may other challenges that a Cuban chef can experience on a day to day basis, yet this chef all have a great outlook, I call them true Iron Chefs.

After returning home from this trip I wanted to find a way to help my fellow Cuban chefs and began to organize culinary trips to Cuba. I have been back 13 times since my first trip, meeting culinary Players in Cuba and finally found a way to help my fellow Cuban chefs get some exposures. I have created a culinary exchange event, where we can cook together with a Cuban chefs.

All of this has been possible with the help of my partners Restaurant Alma de Cuba in Philadelphia and SRO (Starr Restaurant Group) Alma de Cuba Restaurant. SRO thank you for helping me spread the word and bring people to Cuba.