Hello Chef, We just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING EXPERIENCE IN CUBA!! I could go on for several paragraphs about all of the incredible experiences in Cuba, but I will keep it to just a few. The team you have surrounded yourself with to make the trip happen is simply the best. Please pass on my thanks for truly a once in a lifetime experience! I would be happy to give you some Suggestions for areas of improvement, but from the time we stepped of the plane until we returned to Miami , everything was well planned and organized. The places we visited, restaurants and sights Exceeded all of my expectations. One thing that stood out through the entire trip was your passion for Cuba, its culture and its people. We truly have a better understanding of Cuba and its people thanks to you. Please forward info on you trip to Cuba in September, if it’s something we can fit Into are schedule we will be joining you at Sloppy Joes for a beer. When we visited the farm several areas of need came up(PH meters, soil thermometers, seeds, etc.) I would be more than happy to provide these items. I am sure you have many requests to Bring things back to Cuba with you, and you can’t accommodate everyone. If I can help in anyway please let me know, I would be happy to drop them off at Alma de Cuba or mail them to you in Miami Hopefully your road trip is underway and going well. Paul and I have full schedules this Saturday and we won’t be able to join you at Alma de Cuba. Thanks Again For A Truly Amazing Experience!! Cory & Paul

Cory Mattia & Paul Bradburn| June 2016 Tour - Philadelphia PA

Chef D; What a great time we had. We realize how special an opportunity it was to travel with you. Your access and insight to Cuban culture can’t be duplicated. Of course we had high expectations of your ability to showcase the culinary trail, but we were overwhelmed at the exposure to the art & music scene. And not to forget the incredible architecture. Our warmest regards, Todd & Isabel

Todd & Isabel Tragash |June 2016 Tour - Architect, Miami FL

Hi Douglas, I want to thank you for the opportunity and all the work you did in putting this trip to Cuba together. I had an amazing time and it was an awesome privilege to be able to visit Cuba before the masses flood in. I certainly hope to do it again in the future and would love to bring my wife… Anyway, keep in touch. I hope to see you around. Send my regards to your wife, Nelly. Take care my friend, Ralph Dingui Jr

Ralph Dingui Jr | May 2016 Tour - International Sales Mananger | New Jersey

I wanted to introduce you Chef Douglas Rodriguez and his wife Nelly. Chef is the one I traveled to Cuba with. It was an awesome and incredible experience. The food, the culture and the history on the trip was nothing short of amazing. If you're ever looking for a food ambassador to Cuba, Douglas is your guy. Chef Kevin Sbraga | May 2016 Tour | Philly

Kevin Sbraga | Chef | Sbraga Dining - Chef

Dear Nellie & Douglas We wanted to let you know that the trip to Cuba that we recently took with Douglas was outstanding. We had the opportunity to see the country through eyes not available with just any tour company. Meeting real people, sharing meals with them, seeing how they live was really insightful, fun and interesting. We saw the sights, were wined and dined and got to meet so many people who we will remember for years to come. Thank you both. Arne & Debe Herenstein| Pensilvania

Debe & Arne Herenstein | Pennsylvania & Florida

I just took this trip and think you would love it as much as I did. It really rocked!

Helen Lunden: March 2016 Tour Philadelphia PA

Hi Nelly, What a great time we all had. Yes, a wonderful group of people. We all had such fun together and with your hubby! You would have enjoyed the group as well I am sure. So sorry you were not with us. Thanks again to you for all the information and follow through. I know it is not easy to coordinate so many people. I have attached 3 pictures for you. The group shot is everyone except me... I am taking the picture. 🙂 Warmly, Terri

Terri Langan & Patrick Langan | FL March 2016

Douglas - thanks for a great time and a wonderful view of life - terry (zinc - az)

Terry Ellisor | Arizona

Terry Ellisor | Arizona

We want to get together, Let me know if anything works for you! We're still talking about our terrific trip and especially about the amazing meal you cooked for us -- yummy!!


Jeri and David

Jeri and David